Beauty Everywhere

No long thought-provoking narratives from me this time. I’m just sharing a moment of beauty with you as we welcome the crisp air of autumn, the falling leaves and the shadow of winter.

While visiting Centre Pompidou Museum, one of the funkiest buildings in Paris, I was approached by a woman who asked it she could give me the gift of song. Her request was very simple. All I had to do was say “yes”. As I sat in a chair across from her, she sang to me. The song was composed by Franz Schubert, the lyrics are by Ludwig Uhland and it is called Fruhlingsglaube–Faith in Spring.


Faith in Spring (English translation)

The gentle winds are awakened,
They murmur and waft
day and night,
They create in every corner.
Oh fresh scent, oh new sound!
Now, poor dear [heart], fear not!
Now everything, everything must change.
The world becomes more beautiful
with each day,
One does not know
what may yet happen,
The blooming doesn’t want to end.
The farthest, deepest valley blooms:
Now, poor dear, forget the pain!
Now everything, everything must change.


Die linden Lüfte sind erwacht,
Sie säuseln und wehen
Tag und Nacht,
Sie schaffen an allen Enden.
O frischer Duft, o neuer Klang!
Nun, armes Herze, sei nicht bang!
Nun muss sich alles, alles wenden.
Die Welt wird schöner
mit jedem Tag,
Man weiß nicht,
was noch werden mag,
Das Blühen will nicht enden.
Es blüht das fernste, tiefste Tal:
Nun, armes Herz, vergiss der Qual!
Nun muss sich alles, alles wenden.
If we allow it, beauty will meet us anywhere we are.


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